Optimise Your New Financial Year Hiring Strategy

With EOFY fast approaching, we’re seeing a lot of companies re-evaluating their hiring go-to-market strategies. But what should be prioritised in a market like the one that we’re in?

Candidate experience is the most important consideration when developing a hiring strategy for any market condition, but we’d argue even more so in times of uncertainty. Curating a thoughtful, empathetic and memorable candidate experience will ensure your employer brand remains strong and your conversion rates high. 

At attract.ai we strongly believe that outbound sourcing is the best channel in which to deliver a beautiful candidate experience, so we’ve put together a list of four outbound opportunities

Authentic messaging

Poorly executed “personalisation” can do more harm than good. You need to do less ‘nice work using {{skill}} at {{employer}}’ and instead prioritise authenticity.

What jumps out at you when you’re reviewing a profile? Don’t just highlight it, share your thoughts about why it resonated with you. It’s a big deal to consider a new role in an uncertain market, so you need to make candidates feel safe and supported.

Collaborative outbound 

Collaborative outbound is the most powerful strategy you can implement today to boost engagement with passive candidates.

We recommend an initial outreach massage sent from talent acquisition and then a follow up sent from the hiring manager. We’ve seen customers increase their outbound  engagement rates by 200% by leveraging this strategy. Candidates feel special, hiring managers are more engaged, and employer brands flourish.  

Thoughtful nurturing cycles

Volatility in the market presents opportunities for savvy talent teams. Running tighter nurture sequences will ensure your candidate experience is on point and you’re well positioned to secure key hires before they enter the market.

We recommend a one-to-one nurturing approach focusing on building meaningful online and offline relationships. Keeping candidates close to the business makes all the difference in the current market, so quarterly check-ins are a must! 

Data driven outbound

Outbound is not set and forget. If you’re competing for in-demand talent you need to be reviewing the top-of-funnel data as you experiment with different engagement strategies.

Conversion data empowers your team to better understand what factors are contributing to the most successful pipelines and then experiment with those strategies to optimise the poor performers. 

Taking the time to design a thoughtful hiring go-to-market strategy will ensure you’re set up for success this new financial year. Please reach out to @Mike if you’d like more info on how tools like attract.ai can help optimise your strategy.

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