The Best Work Related Memes Of 2019

By Colleen Gao |

TLDR: A collection of our best work related memes. 2019 edition.

Probably the best content we’ve put out all year. Enjoy.

“Can you hear me?”

How is it possible that we can send people to the moon and yet I can’t get through a video conference call without hitting bingo?

Still thinking…

Please let us know if you’ve figured it out 🤷‍♂️.

“I hope this email finds you well”

Actually, if I had a dollar for every time an email wished me well, I would have the answer to the meme above 💸.

More like a war on poor hiring practices… 👀

Want to win the talent war? Read Ben’s article.

Year of the Kondo.

We love going full Marie on a messy hiring strategy.

All night long…

But seriously, we have it – if it’s a time + money saving hiring solution that you’re looking for.


Me: Have you read this blog on how to interview like a boss?

“Looking for my next opportunity”

Like Facetune but for careers.

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Just another manic Monday!

Friyay quickly turns into Mondnay.



The Office

Gotta love upper management.

“Hello, I am…”

Networking 101.

Excel is so last year…

Excel and Word docs are the Nissan Micras of hiring road map tools. They ain’t pretty, but they can you get from A – B (sometimes). We weren’t particularly inspired by the options available so we built our own tool.

“Looking for my next oppawtunity”

Furtunately for you, we’re hiring.

“Bank of mom”

“Our revenue estimates are really conservative…”

Late again?

Try this one on next time.

The most toxic personality trait in any office…

Something to work on for 2020… but then again, who are we kidding?

And that’s a wrap folks.

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