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Colleen from attract.ai
"attract.ai helped us approach and engage talent with great success. In my opinion this is the future of sourcing. It's high tech, but retains the very important human element."
Salih Mujcic

Salih Mujcic
Product Manager & I/O Psych

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Engage with more epic people

Hiring managers using attract.ai get access to twice as many candidates as an experienced recruiter could attract via targeted outreach.

Hand-picked talent pool

Instead of wading through hundreds of applications on a job board, we provide you with expertly matched profiles. Hire as many of those people as you want for no extra cost!

Talent attraction coaching

We kick off our process with a talent attraction workshop to ensure you are set up for success, and then support you closely as you progress with your hiring process.

Saving companies $15-25k per successful hire

With all that money you could have:

10 cute office puppies

20 Olympic ping pong tables

A year's worth of beer o’clocks

More salary for your new hire

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