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" helped us approach and engage talent with great success. This is the future of sourcing. It's high tech, but retains the very important human element."
Salih Mujcic

Salih Mujcic
Product Manager & I/O Psych

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High quality candidates

Increasing the quality of candidates in your pipeline increases the quality of hires within your team. Our clients report a 93% candidate approval rate.

Save money

Recruiting can be a very expensive exercise. $16k recruiter fees aren’t good for your cash flow. Our customers successfully hire at ¼ of the cost of agency recruiters.

Save time

Strategic sourcing significantly reduces your time to fill open vacancies. Invest your time in building relationships, not boolean search strings.

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion is your competitive advantage, not just an HR #buzzword. Leverage our D&I data insights to improve team cohesiveness + performance.

Own your process

Convert high quality candidates by offering an authentic and engaging hiring experience. Our proven methodology helps you own your process from hello to hired.

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