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Hot Source: Season 2

In the second season of Hot Source our Co-founder and Developer Ben Ihle joins our Lead Developer Peter Klein to give a candidate’s perspective on outreach messages.

Matthew Ellis on working with your hiring managers

“The more I make that effort towards embedding myself, the more Hiring Managers can trust me to find those people.”

Mary Strebinger on her +60% response rates

“I don’t want to be transactional, I want to be really intentional. I want anyone I’m reaching out to know I looked at their profile and got excited about them for A,B,C reasons and wanted to build a relationship with them.”

Dij Thulasi on engaging talent

“What exactly is it that appeals to you…understanding their world, understanding their language makes a huge difference”

Vanessa Raath on hunting the best talent

“I often say LinkedIn is responsible for dumbing down our whole industry. Because it’s too easy.”

Ben Mackie is your dream Hiring Manager

“I want to make it clear…Hiring Managers don’t have it all sorted out at the start too”

Cloe Stanbridge’s 50% Click-Through Rate With Qwilr

“it’s about giving them as much information as possible so they can easily make that decision”

Preview text is your frenemy!

You have 34 characters to grab candidates’ attention. Here’s how to stand out from the crowd and maximise the start of your outreach.

Turn your layoff into a layup*

Ben Tanswell’s interview inspired us to write our own message template to help talent professionals find a new role in the current market.

Vincent Chi on catfishing recruiters (and grabbing candidate attention)

“within the first 24 hours of this [fake] profile being created, it had received 6 messages”