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Friends of attract: Graeme Gemmell

Graeme Gemmel is the national manager at Recite.me, who make websites accessible to everyone. A key focus area is recruitment due to the lack of accessibility in career websites and job ads.

Friends of attract: Andrea Kirby from Talent Table

“We need to design our processes for inclusivity. As talent functions we should be looking at doing some human-design thinking around the recruitment process.”

What is Generational Diversity and why is it so important?

Generational diversity has become a hot topic recently, we’ll give you the lowdown on why it’s trending and what it means.

How the EEOC’s New AI Guidelines Affect You

New guidelines have been issued by the EEOC (US) around using AI tools during the recruitment process. Here’s how they effect you.

Stop overlooking candidates on maternity leave

It’s time to stop overlooking those who are on maternity leave. You’re missing out on a significant number of candidates who are ready to change their job.

5 Platforms For Creating a Positive Candidate Experience

58% of Job Seekers have decline roles due to a poor candidate experience. These HR Tech companies will help you to create a positive candidate experience and ensure you’re not apart of the 58%.

Friends of attract: Kim Teo from Mr Yum

TLDR: The best candidates are found when you’re not looking. Build authentic relationships with people.