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Friends of attract: Aaron Friedman from Pana Partners

Aaron Friedman started Pana Partners with Denisse Guenoun in 2022. They specialise in using proactive recruiting — and believe more people should adopt the strategy.

Friends of Attract: Simon Bernardino from Lab17

Simon Bernardino and Nick Ingall founded the Lab17’s talent partners in 2019. The pair first met at the age of 14 and have worked in many startups around the world. They started Lab17 shortly after the pair finished up at SafetyCulture and saw the challenges startups had.

Our favourite embedded recruiters in Australia

Embedded recruitment is a fantastic option for fast-scaling companies. We’ve made a list of some of our favourite Australian-based embedded recruiters.

Friends of attract: Simon McSorley of Crew Talent

Simon McSorley is the founder of Crew Talent Advisory, he runs a micro RPO where tech recruiters work on-site with high-growth companies to help them achieve their hiring goals.

In Memoriam: X-Ray Search

TL;DR: X-Ray search no longer provides accurate results for LinkedIn profiles.
Here’s what that means for the talent community.

Optimise your outbound NOT inbound to improve gender diversity

Research shows that whilst a popular idea, gender-neutral job ads don’t increase female applicants. But outbound recruitment can.

Hot Source: Season 2

In the second season of Hot Source our Co-founder and Developer Ben Ihle joins our Lead Developer Peter Klein to give a candidate’s perspective on outreach messages.

Why you shouldn’t use GPT to write outreach

Sure generative AI can imitate personalised messages but we’re not convinced that it is the future of TA.

Friends of attract: Justin Falk from TalentVine

“Recruitment consultant has been a bit of a dirty word in the past; but 94% of all ratings on TalentVine are either a 8, 9 or 10. The reason I say that is the vast, vast amount of recruiters are doing a fantastic job, they’re really good operators and they care about the work they do.”

Deep Dive: LinkedIn’s Top Aussie Startups 2023

LinkedIn have released their annual list of the top Australian startups for 2023. We did a deep dive on the top 10 companies using our Company Insights feature to tell us a little more about these companies.