Engage like the best

Our suite of engagement tools promotes the efficient and effective delivery of your bespoke multi-channel outreach strategy.

Three tiers of engagement


Delivering personalisation at scale has never been easier.


Enjoy the benefits of bulk send while maintaining control.


Let the system do the heavy lifting and reclaim your time.

“We've hired some really big, really hard to fill roles this year working with attract.ai. It's made my job so much easier.” read more...Brigitte Cooney, Head of People & Culture ∙ Paypa Plane

Chrome Extension

Your source of truth, the Chrome Extension helps you manage candidates through your top of funnel with pipeline management tools that sit on top of LinkedIn.

Promote collaboration within your team, helping you to plan and execute your outreach strategy.

Template Libraries

Easily access a variety of templates to deliver personalised messages efficiently. Share high-performing outreach within your team and gain inspiration from attract.ai templates.

Personalise your messages with our variable token system, which corrects emojis, honorifics and more.
“The attract.ai team brought the most incredible customer service. They really understood from an empathetic standpoint what we were going through and some of our growth pains, and they were readily available any point that we needed.” read more...Sarah Hadj, Talent Lead ∙ Mr Yum


Easily push unique pockets of talent through pre-defined candidate outreach flows.

Automate your initial, follow-up, and nurture messages to reduce your manual tasks and build a repeatable outreach engine.


Candidate experience at our core. Automate what you are comfortable with, our tools allow a final human check before messages are sent out to candidates.

Leverage send-on-behalf to improve response rates without diverting your hiring manager’s attention.
“We've really signficantly reduced our cost to hire, the benefit to that is for some of our attract.ai candidates I was able to negotiate a higher salary, because we knew there was not an attached fee.” read more...Rebecca McDonald; People, Culture and Talent Manager ∙ Carton Cloud

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