About Us

There’s a big problem in recruitment…

We are using a technique that was invented over 200 years ago to find roles in the 21st century.

Many hours have been wasted agonising over the perfect boolean filter, inventing new creative angles until it is 50 terms long and has excluded many great candidates.

At attract.ai, we believe there is a massive pool of undiscovered candidates that are the victims of the uncompromising tyranny that is boolean filters. We’re in pursuit of uncovering these candidates and making the search process faster and simpler.

After thousands of hours refining, testing and using our AI Search tool we’ve created something unique that is a clever combination of classic boolean filter, with AI layered on top. Our AI Search tools thinks like a person, uncovers connections that humans cannot and, is helping recruiters find their perfect candidate.

Meet the Team

Based on the East Coast of Australia, we are a team of meme loving, Birkenstock wearing individuals united by our love of AI, and hiring.