Responsible AI Statement

In a world moving towards automation we’re more adamant than ever that humans need to be involved in the hiring process.

AI is rapidly becoming a part of our everyday lives. In fact, 45% of companies use AI in their hiring efforts, and Talent professionals are increasingly worrying about AI making them obsolete.

Here’s what that means to us as an AI company.

At the end of the day no AI can make a decisions as well informed, or with the same empathy and understanding that humans can.

The humanity in hiring is so important because we’re able to interpret and make objective decisions based on contextual information and intuition. Attempts to replace human selection processes via AI video interviewing software has “crucial deficiencies” relating to bias. At, we disclose any bias present in our system, so you can use this information to build fairer talent pipelines.

Amazon’s failed AI experiments are a stand-out example for companies who think they can replace their recruitment teams. The fatal flaw to these AI systems are the unique nuance and empathy that humans bring to their role; it’s not possible to reduce a complex candidate personality down to a single ranking in a list. Many AI companies use the same algorithm for everyone, leading to standardised rating and ranking that fails to consider industry and role specific requirements. At every role gets it’s own personalised algorithm, so Horticulturalists and Head of Sales aren’t being measured in the same way.

When if comes to nurturing, nothing can replace recruiters building long-term relationships with candidates that cultivate trust, loyalty and gain a deep understanding of a candidate’s aspirations and capabilities. At, we’ll assist you in contacting these candidates, but we’ll leave it at that so you can do what you do best.

Even as AI continues to evolve and becomes the norm in different areas of our industry, will always be a people-first AI company. Our goal is to enhance your work by streamlining mundane tasks so you can focus on what you do best: building relationships. We’ll aim to be the best partner possible, embracing the uniqueness of you and your organisation to help you attract and hire the best talent.

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