Build Diverse Teams

Building diverse teams can be hard. That’s why we offer a variety of inclusive hiring tools. At our core, we’re about finding hidden gems, including underrepresented groups.

“In just under 2 months we've hired 4 really niche candidates using attract. We’re over the moon!” read more...Brigitte Cooney, Head of People and Culture ∙ Paypa Plane

AI Search Models

Leverage our AI technology to prioritise diversity in your search results.

Use our gender filters to discover hidden gem talent.

Diversity Mode

Remove unconscious bias with DE&I mode, where search results are anonymised.

View your job ad applicants with DE&I mode on to further remove unconscious bias.

Insights & Analytics

Company insights that track representation within companies.

Analytics that show how your team interacts with diverse talent.

“If you’re serious about building great teams for your business, then is the way to go.” read more...Alicia Blazey, Head of Operations ∙ Outfit

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