4 of the best contact discovery tools

We’ve tried and tested many contact discovery tools, here’s our favourites.

linkedin | website
best personal email coverage

With contact details for 75% of LinkedIn users and 150 million personal email addresses, contact out has the best coverage on our list. Their free tier gives you 40 credits a month, with prices starting at $49/mth for unlimited work emails.

most loved by recruiters

Loved by many recruiters, Kendo is an email and phone finder tool boasting 125 million email addresses. It has a free tier, with 50 credits a month with prices starting at $17/mth for 600 credits.

website | linkedin
best for phone numbers

If you’re looking for phone numbers Swordfish will be the tool for you! With the best phone number coverage Swordfish is an easy choice, especially as you can use them on GitHub and Dribble as well. They don’t have a free tier, and pricing starts at $99/mth for unlimited credits.

best for non-linkedin profiles

Signal Hire’s database will help you uncover contact details for people who live places other than linkedin, including Facebook, Twitter GitHub and Meetup. Dribble, Xing and Quora are also expected to hit the database soon. Their free tier gives you 5 contacts a month, and pricing starts at $49/month for 350 credits.

linkedin | website
contact discovery plus

Our engagement features also include a contact discovery tool. We aggregate data from a few providers to give you the best possible coverage, prioritising personal emails. With contact discovery built-in to our email tool you can find candidates’ emails in-flow and have all your tools in one place.

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