6 More Local Startups You Should Support Right Now

By Mike Keating | Co-founder at attract.ai

TLDR: Isolate but do not abandon. Support local.

During these times of uncertainty, one thing you can be certain of is that early-stage startups need your support. So to do our bit for the community, we’ve put together a list of six local legends that offer epic services that we reckon you and your business can benefit from. 

Good Pair Days


In times like these, you deserve a glass of wine (or three) ?

And who better to buy from than the legends over at Good Pair Days. You don’t even have to pick the wines. Just do the palette quiz and they’ll sort the rest. And yes. They deliver. For free*.

You can also spread the love by sending boxes to loved ones so they’re stocked up for your Facetime wine dates or to someone whose been working crazy hours during this time. 

Oh, and you get a free bottle worth $38 if you order via the link below. Go on. 

*For purchases over $50 



Struggling to keep up with HR in these tough times? From a newly remote workforce to stand-downs and pandemic policy, HR teams and business leaders are under the pump.

That’s why intelliHR co-developed the COVID-19 Essentials Platform with their HR customers. It’s a lite-version of their people management platform stuffed full of HR tools (policies, processes, analytics) to help support businesses with the escalating Coronavirus situation.

Best of all? They’re offering it for free. If you’re struggling to keep your HR afloat, check out this intelliHR lifeboat.

Parent TV


This one is for all the parents out there. For those who not only have to work from home, but take care of a little human at the same time. There’s a lot going on as it is and parenting whilst working just adds another layer. 

If you’ve noticed you’ve been having more and more “what the” moments, jump onto ParentTV for on-demand videos and courses covering everything you need to know as a parent. 

They’ve even put together a full response pack for parents to guide them through the current COVID-19 situation so make sure you check it out!



Just because we’re all in isolation and social distancing doesn’t mean epic discussions can’t happen.

Think of Mindhive as an online dinner table discussion. Through their platform, a global community of thought leaders come together to ask questions, share their insights and impact pressing issues through collaborative innovation and discussion.

If you’ve got questions or ideas and feel like you have nowhere to share them, join up today. 


?Gold Coast

Image result for kynd care

In times like these, we have to be extra mindful of the community members who are most vulnerable. 

Through the Kynd platform, those who have extra capacity can become support workers to help NDIS participants and other vulnerable members of the community. 



Video content is king but in times like these, videos become a powerful tool in connecting people remotely and enabling the sharing of important information. 

Whether you’re creating slideshows for students or demos for clients, Clipchamp is here to help. 

Luckily for you, Clipchamp is offering one free month to new users on their super easy to use video editor so take them up on that offer today! 

Image result for clipchamp

Hopefully, you or someone you know can get some value out of these early-stage startups.

This is the time to shop local, give back to the community and take care of one another. Know of an early-stage startup that deserves some recognition?

?Email us at hello@attract.ai and we’ll do our best to feature them in the next six! 

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