Say Bye to Booleans

AI Search Models

Find hidden pockets of talent with search models that are personalised and built just for you.

Leverage the power of AI to discover connections humans cannot see.

Search Globally

Discover over 700 million data-rich candidate profiles with our global database.

Harness the true power of global search with AI that surfaces candidates buried by traditional search tools.

Iterative Searches

Find the right talent for your role, with AI that learns every time you search.

Never build another boolean string – evergreen Search Models ensure you have fresh, high quality results every time you search.

Talent Mapping & Insights

Access powerful DE&I and talent mapping information with our Company Insights.

Make data-driven decisions and improve representation in your search utilising Search Insights.

Social Data Enrichment

Delve deeper into candidates with GitHubs, Behance, email and more.

Unlock an additional 250 million personal emails and phone numbers through our partner, ContactOut.

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