Outbound Recruiting for Long-Term Success

By James Headlam | Sourcing Optimisation Lead at attract.ai

To build a sustainable and robust talent pipeline, it’s crucial to maintain outbound recruiting efforts, including outreach and long-term nurturing.

As a hiring manager or TA, you might feel that your recruitment efforts are going well because you’re receiving a high number of quality inbound leads. However, relying solely on inbound recruiting can be a risky strategy that leaves you vulnerable to future talent shortages. To build a sustainable and robust talent pipeline, it’s crucial to maintain outbound recruiting efforts, including outreach and long-term nurturing.

According to layoffs.fyi, there have been 166,004 layoffs in the tech industry in 2023 alone, with companies cutting jobs across multiple sectors. Startups and established companies alike are trimming staff in a range of roles as they grapple with shifting market conditions. Given the current job market, it’s no surprise that there are plenty of people applying for tech roles. However, this influx of inbound leads shouldn’t make you complacent about maintaining outbound recruiting efforts, and here is why.

Relying solely on inbound recruiting means you’re limited to the talent pool that is actively seeking new roles. Now this seems obvious, however does not change the fact that over 70% of candidates are not actively looking for a new gig. Relying solely on inbound leads can leave your talent pipeline vulnerable to sudden changes in the market or shifts in candidate preferences. Outbound recruiting allows you to cast a wider net and identify candidates who may not be actively looking but are still a great fit for your team. This diversification of your talent pipeline can help you build a more robust and resilient workforce that can adapt to future challenges.

Outbound recruiting is particularly valuable for filling critical skills gaps within your team. While inbound recruiting may yield higher candidate number and take less resources, it may not always result in hiring the right people with the specific skills and experience you need. By reaching out to potential candidates and nurturing those relationships over time, you can build a pipeline of talent with the exact skills and experience your business requires. Rather than taking the most accessible talent, it’s important to delve deeper into the market – because it is often the case that businesses will do all they can to hold onto their highest performing team members.

In times of market uncertainty or disruption, many businesses tend to scale back their outbound recruiting efforts and focus solely on inbound leads. However, this can be a missed opportunity for those who are committed to unlocking the highest quality talent. When other companies are slowing down their recruitment activities, there is less competition for top talent in the market, making it the perfect time to increase your volume of outbound. Similarly, a startling 28% of those affected by the recent tech layoffs have been from talent. Meaning that while recruiting teams are adjusting to the new status quo it is likely they won’t be as heavily focused on new talent acquisition. While it may seem counter-intuitive to focus on outbound recruiting while there is an influx of inbound, it can be a strategic move that sets your business up for success in the long run.

Attract.ai can help you maintain you outbound efforts – even when there is a flood of inbound leads – by automating the outreach and nurturing process. The platform saves you time and effort while still maintaining a high level of personalisation and promotes a positive candidate experience with potential hires. Your team may be snowed under with inbound applicants, but we are here to help minimise the manual tasks associated with outbound. Attract.ai assists you in building a sustainable and diverse talent pipeline for long-term success.

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