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“Attract.ai has become an important part of our day to day recruitment activities.” read more...Jefferson St John, Talent Acquisition Manager ∙ Procreate

HeroHunt.ai is an AI Search and engagement tool. The AI Search tool is built using GPT and provides you a NLP (natural language programming) interface to search in, which then gets converted to a boolean search. They also have email automation tools available. HeroHunt.ai is great for those who love a conversational-style search.

Attract.ai is also an AI search and engagement tool. We think booleans are outdated technology and use a type of AI called evolutionary AI. Our system learns what kind of candidates you are looking for based on your behaviour in a search. The suite of engagement tools help you streamline your communication on LinkedIn and automate your emails.

Feature Comparison attract.ai HeroHunt.ai
Evolutionary AI Search ox
NLP interfacexo
Targeted Referralsox
Automated Email Outreachoo
Contact Discoveryoo
Chrome extensionoo
Usage-based Pricingox
LinkedIn messaging supportox

If you prefer to use an NLP interface to communicate your needs and engage primarily with email, HeroHunt.ai is an excellent choice for you. If you’re interested in technology that learns and iterates based on your behaviour and talk to candidates on LinkedIn and email, attract.ai is the solution for you.

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“We've really significantly reduced our cost to hire, the benefit to that is for some of our attract.ai candidates, I was able to negotiate a high salary for those candidates, because we knew there was not an attached fee.” read more...Rebecca McDonald; People, Culture and Talent Manager ∙ Carton Cloud