HireEZ vs attract.ai

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“the attract.ai team brought the most incredible customer service. They really understood from an empathetic standpoint what we were going through and some of our growth pains, and they were readily available any point that we needed.”Sarah Hadj, Talent Lead @ Mr Yum ∙

HireEZ is a search and engagement tool, well known for its ease of use and ability to search for candidates in tough to reach industries (such as nurses). The platform is seat based and offers discounted pricing with longer contracts.

Attract.ai is also a search and engagement tool, with a deeper focus on utilising innovative ways to understand and manipulate social data through the use of personal AI models. Attract.ai has a flexible usage based pricing model, billed month to month.

Feature Comparison attract.ai HireEZ
Evolutionary AI Search ox
Talent Community Toolingoo
Targeted Referralsox
Automated Email Outreachoo
Contact Discoveryoo
Usage-based Pricingox
Industry Specific Filtersxo

Whilst HireEZ and attract.ai are both search and engagement tools, if flexibility is important to you and you are interested in leveraging AI in new ways, attract.ai offers an excellent choice.

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“As we progressed along the journey, attract.ai was with us the entire time. If we had questions around the market rate or if we were at a tension point with a candidate, we could just pick up the phone and get advice from the customer success team. They were always there to make us feel supported.” ”Alicia Blazey, Head of Operations @ Outfit. ∙