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“I love for sourcing. It helps me search more efficiently on the criteria I really need and want.” read more...Sacha Dixon, Global Talent Acquisition Partner ∙ Qwilr

Juicebox (PeopleGPT) is an AI Search tool that uses NLP (natural language processing) to convert your queries into boolean searches. It works similarly to ChatGPT and is great for those who aren’t experienced with booleans or don’t enjoy traditional searching. is also an AI search tool, with engagement tooling built into it. We belive that booleans are outdated technology and utilise a kind of AI called evolutionary to find candidates. Our system learns based on who you add to your pipeline and engage with to find you similar candidates. We also have engagement tools built into our product.

Feature Comparison PeopleGPT
Evolutionary AI Search ox
Talent Community Toolingox
Natural Language Processingxo
Automated Email Outreachox
Contact Discoveryoo
Free, unlimited seatsox
DE&I Toolingox

If you enjoy a conversational style of sourcing, PeopleGPT is a fantastic choice. If you are interested in an all-in-one tool that embraces the power of AI,’s AI Search and engagement tools are the solution for you.

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“We've hired some really big, really hard to fill roles this year, working with attract. It's made my job so much easier.” read more...Brigitte Cooney, Head of People & Culture ∙ Paypa Plane