5 Reasons To Source Candidates Using AI Recruitment Tools

Many companies are starting to incorporate AI Recruitment tools into their HR Tech Stack. Here’s why:

AI tools are designed to present good fit candidates at the top — and don’t rely on filters to do this. There’s no need to build a boolean string when the AI understands what you are looking for. Additionally, attract.ai’s AI models continuously iterate in the background, changing what the search looks like as you’re adding candidates, so all you have to focus on is validating the results and messaging.

Searching across more than one platform, many AI sourcing tools aggregate the data of many candidates into one place. Additionally, AI is able to generate insights into diversity and help you unlock candidates that don’t meet traditional search filters.

Because AI is not reliant on filters which reduce the results or complex boolean strings that only target those candidates who play into keywords, AI is able to discover untapped talent pools and hidden gem candidates that are more likely to respond.

Unknowingly, we are all bias. AI removes this element to many degrees by sorting the best fit candidates for you, and allowing you to consider candidates you likely wouldn’t have anyway. Additionally, AI can be trained with bias. Our system displays that information, and actually allows you to use it to your advantage. If you’re looking to increase the diversity of your company, you can train your AI model with attract.ai to preference females over males.

With unique insights you can personalise your outreach with different angles, and approach candidates at the correct time. These tools can help determine when a candidate is likely to leave their jobs, or point out things that would otherwise be hard to pick up on (they’ve recently added a skill, or they’ve worked with someone at your company previously). Reaching out to a candidate with the line “hey, your ex-colleague told me you were a great Dev, I’d be great to have a chat if you’re interested in a career change,” is much better than a generic we’re hiring message.

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