Turn your layoff into a layup*

Ben Tanswell’s interview inspired us to write our own message template to help talent professionals find a new role in the current market.

*Layup: (colloquial) A relatively easy task.

Ben Tanswell recently joined us on Hot Source to share his layoff story. He left us with some very sage advice + the outreach message that helped him secure an exciting new role.

Check out Ben’s original message template:

Hi {{first_name}}, I saw your post about the growth not only in your team, but at {{company}} as a whole and thought I would reach out. I was recently a victim of the dreaded restructure bug and as such am looking at new opportunities currently. Are you open to having a chat this week about whether my skills might be a fit for what you are trying to achieve and build in your team?

No ego. No tricks. Just a simple message that booked Ben an interview.

Ben inspired us to write our own message template to help other recruiters negatively impacted by the current market conditions.

Hi {{first_name}}, it’s so great to see companies hiring into their talent teams at the moment! After being laidoff from {{company}} recently I can tell you this is a breath of fresh air. I was really impressed looking over your job ad, careers site, and employer branding content. I can see you care deeply about candidate experience (which is great!). I’d love to organise an intro call to learn more about your plans for the team and share my relevent experiences. Do you have some time later this week?

I’m sure you can see how Ben’s message inspired our interpretation. We’ve tried to layer in a few of the key themes Ben spoke about in his interview. The message is optimistic, honest, complimentary, and confident.

Hopefully, these templates are helpful. Please let us know if you have any feedback or success!

Good luck 🫡

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