5 Unconventional Outreach Strategies

We’ve complied a list of unconventional things to include in your outreach message that may increase your engagement for the right role.

1. Scheduling Link

Include a scheduling link in your outreach, inviting the candidate to book a meeting with you.

Pros: Schuedling links make the process of booking a meeting much easier! It saves time for both of you, cuts straight to the chase and is a very simple action for the candidate to take.

Cons: It could come across as rude, or that your time is more important than theirs. Consider phrasing it as a way to easily contact you at any point without the back and forth, opposed to an assertive “book a meeting” tone.

2. Personalised Images

Send the candidate a personalised image — whether that’s of one of their noted interests or a “your desk is here” photo.

Pros: It’s highly personal and memorable. Being personal and memorable creates an instant connection which makes it far more likely that the candidate would be likely to reply. You’ll also stand out from the crowd!

Cons: Not only are you being limited to certain messaging types, you also have to be creative which can be time consuming.

3. Video Messages

Send candidates a video message where you can relay plenty of information and highly personalise the message.

Pros: Like images, these messages are very personal and memorable. If you chose a more generic video (like day in the life) you’ll still be able to engage the candidate and sell the role very well.

Cons: Videos can be quite time consuming or costly to produce, especially for busy recruiters. You’re also limited to communication platforms that support video.

4. Job Ads/ Careers Page

Forward a job ad or your careers page to give candidates the ability to learn more about the role before deciding if they’d be interested.

Pros: You’ll be able to provide full transparency, helping to screen out candidates who don’t think they’re a good fit, or don’t align with the companies values. It’s also relatively quick and easy to do.

Cons: This can definitely come off as rude and inconsiderate of a candidate. You’ll probably need to personalise each message so candidates don’t feel like they’re apart of a spray and pray.

5. Referrals

Tell your candidate that you’re hiring for a role and ask if they know of anyone who would be interested. You can also use this if a candidate has rejected you.

Pros: You’re able to reach more people than just the one your messages — including candidates who aren’t on social media. You’re also more likely to hit people who are open to work.

Cons: It’s quite cheeky, and you’re also asking a favour of a stranger who owes you nothing. You’ll have to be careful with your wording to make this one work.

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