6 Local Startups You Should Support Right Now

By Mike Keating | Co-founder at attract.ai

TLDR: Isolate but do not abandon. Support local.

During these times of uncertainty, one thing you can be certain of is that early-stage startups need your support. So to do our bit for the community, we’ve put together a list of six local legends that offer epic services that we reckon you and your business can benefit from. 


?Auckland (Down under crew!) 

With all the lockdowns and travel bans, we all know that the travel industry is on struggle street. However, for those who still have to travel (healthcare workers, emergency workers etc), they might as well do it safely by practicing social distancing and staying away from the masses where possible.

Enter LoungePair. Think Uber but for free airport lounge access. If you’re rushing to get home from the other side of the world (or even domestically), head to LoungePair to get access to a bit of luxury and escape the crowds.

“The lockdowns are naturally going to cause a massive drop-off in travel however up until now, the demand to get into lounges and away from the crowds has never been higher.”

Daniel Kinnoch, Founder of LoungePair 



It’s a tough time for hiring managers right about now, but if you’re one of the lucky businesses with increased demand you may need some hiring assistance. 

TalentVine is a friend of attract.ai! They have built a platform to help you get fair rates from industry specialist recruiters within just 24 hours. They connect employers looking to outsource recruitment with specialist recruiters who are industry experts that can fill the roles with a great candidate, fast.

So if you’re in a position where you needed a role filled yesterday, create a role now on TalentVine. If you’re a specialist recruiter, jump onto Talentvine to see if you can assist filling these roles.



Currently receiving an overwhelming amount of customer feedback? Never has there been a more important time to be listening to your customers.

Kapiche’s customer intelligence platform is a new solution to understanding customer feedback at scale, to prevent churn, increase revenue and improve your customer strategy. 

What used to take insights analysts weeks will now take minutes, giving you back the time to focus on the issues that matter most to your customers.



Moving is stressful even at the best of times, let alone in the middle of a pandemic. The last thing you want is your life possessions to disappear on a truck and never to return… Especially if you’re about to head into isolation with no bed or TV!

Muval is here to save the day. They are a local Brisbane startup that have created a marketplace to help you find the best removalist for you and your needs. Don’t believe us? Hear from one of their customers:

“Fantastic service, always go above and beyond and more than happy to answer questions. I’ll never use another company as I know 100% I get the best price and best service with Muval.” 

– Natasha Gallahar 



This one’s for all the in-house legal teams. For those of you who have been forced to go remote overnight, fought for the last monitor available at Officeworks and have realized that none of your companies information, data or technology is centralized, Xakia is here to help. 

You can get started with Xakia in just 1 hour and they can help you connect and coordinate all your technology in one place so that you can have a fully operational document management system in no time.

Your team will have easy access to all of their technology tools, wherever they may be working. 

Hopefully, you or someone you know can get some value out of these early-stage startups.

This is the time to shop local, give back to the community and take care of one another. Know of an early-stage startup who deserves some recognition?

?Email us at hello@attract.ai and we’ll do our best to feature them in the next six! 

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