Brains Before Bots.

By Ben Ihle | Co-Founder of

TLDR: Realistically software can’t fully automate the problem away. The real opportunity exists in a hybrid human and tech solution.


We all know that hiring talent is hard. Even well-funded, high-profile businesses have trouble attracting talent. In today’s candidate-led market, it’s more important than ever to stand out from the crowd when building teams and attracting talent.

…It’s time to think about how organisations can continuously “access talent” in varying ways: mobilizing internal resources, finding people in the alternative workforce, and strategically leveraging technology to augment sourcing and boost recruiting productivity.”

Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends, 2019

So how can AI help?

Realistically software can’t fully automate the problem away. What it can do however is lend a hand, improve efficiencies, and enable you to do your job better. We see the role of software as augmenting human tasks, rather than replacing them. The main strength AI & software has is that it is able to follow a black and white process. It is able to look at the data in an objective way without bias or fluctuations in mood and energy levels.

The exciting opportunities lay in the many shades of grey. That’s where a human’s creative and emotional intelligence can be applied to read between the lines and ensure that great candidates with limited online profiles or resumes are not overlooked.

This big opportunity requires a reinvention of the talent acquisition process, and the talent acquisition mindset. Startups like combine traditional human filtering with AI algorithms to encourage HR professionals to look at the market through a creative lens. Our talent sourcing platform provides clients with a talent pool of both active and passive candidates found via a myriad of social platforms that both a human and bot have approved. We also provide highly personalised outreach for each candidate to further improve the likelihood of engagement.

By automating the initial candidate outreach, we empower HR professionals to spend less time building lists and writing outreach, and more time building genuine relationships with candidates. Building high-quality talent pipelines and nurtured talent pools enables businesses to prepare for both forecasted growth and unplanned attrition.

At, we believe there needs to be a shift in mindset from reactive hiring to proactive sourcing. To build amazing teams in a competitive landscape, HR professionals need to challenge long-held beliefs about talent acquisition best-practices and take advantage of augmented technology solutions.

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