Deep Dive: LinkedIn’s Top Aussie Startups 2023

LinkedIn have released their annual list of the top Australian startups for 2023. We did a deep dive on the top 10 companies using our Company Insights feature to tell us a little more about these companies.

1. Immutable

industry: web3, video games

From mid 2021 until 2023 Immutable massively grew their software engineering team, a growth spurt that earned them a spot on our fastest growing startups of 2022 list. Alongside software engineers, employees with a background in design, c-suite and web development increased as well. Since 2023 we’ve seen the company cool down on hiring, and even completely stagnate in the design team. Interestingly, we see employees with a background in management as the highest growing area in the last 12 months. The most common workplaces employees were previously employed at were Google, Meta and The Iconic.

Immutable’s employee headcount growth, by employee background.


industry: healthcare, AI

Founded in 2018, has spent the last two years with relatively minor growth, especially compared to their speed of growth in 2020. Most of their headcount is devoted to software engineering and machine learning / data engineers. Interestingly, the biggest growth area in the last 12 months were employees from a management background, which is certainly an indication that there’s big things to come from them!

Employee headcount growth at, by employee background.

3. Vow

industry: biotechnology, food

Vow’s headcount has absolutely skyrocketed in the last 12 months, growing by almost 300%. Even though Software Engineers account for the majority of the company’s headcount in the last 12 months, marketing took the cake for fastest growing team with a 900% growth, followed by product/project at 400%.

Total employee headcount growth at Vow.

4. Ofload

industry: technology, logistics

It’s no surprise that Ofload is on this list, we featured them at the start of the year as one of the fastest growing companies of 2022. Unlike most of the companies featured on this list, software engineers weren’t the focus for growth, but instead logistics. C-suite and sales were also heavy growth areas. It doesn’t seem like Ofload has any intention of slowing down anytime soon.

Employee headcount growth at Ofload, by employee background.

5. Montu

industry: healthcare, ecommerce

Montu have scaled rapidly since the start of 2022, increasing their headcount by 270%. There’s been a large increase in the team members who have experience with logistics and supply chain, as well as software engineers. Interestingly, we see that in the last 12 months there has been a slow down on growing employees with a marketing background.

Employee headcount growth by employee background at Montu.

6. Lyka

industry: pets, ecommerce

Although the Lyka team have been scaling since mid-2020, the last 12 months have seen Lyka really ramp up their hiring efforts. Software engineers, product/project managers and logistics specialists account for some of the biggest increases in staff, although all teams scaled at similar rates.

Total employee headcount growth at Lyka.

7. Zeller

industry: finance

Zeller have spent the last 12 months growing their team, with sales taking out the spot for the fastest growing employee background, increasing by 140%. Unsurprisingly, a significant amount of employees come from Afterpay and Square, as well as secure messaging company Whispir.

Zeller’s total employee headcount growth.

8. Kapitol Group

industry: construction

Kapitol is the only company on this list to not feature software engineering in their top 5 highest growing employees. Civil engineering and property professionals are the people Kapitol are looking to snap up, and they’re pulling them from companies like Multiplex and Probuild Construction.

Employee growth by employee background at Zeller.

9. Dabble

industry: gambling

Dabble have really ramped up hiring this year, with a huge focus on software engineers, increasing by 1500%. Unsurprisingly, we see that many of their employees were previously working with Entain, making the switch to a startup in the space.

Dabble’s headcount growth

10. Howatson+Company

industry: advertising

Our data suggests that this agency was founded in 2021, making it the youngest company on this list. To no surprise, marketing, web development and software engineering are make up the employees that are growing the fastest.

Howatson + Company’s total employee headcount growth.

Our Data

The data in this article comes from our Company Insights feature. Company Insights allows users to see data such as: employee backgrounds, locations, seniority and gender; company tech stacks; headcount growth; relevant employers to incoming and outgoing headcount; tenure insights; and more.

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