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Four ways to optimise your top-of-funnel

Sourcing candidates with the right skills, experience and ‘culture add’ potential, is arguably the most challenging part of the recruitment process.

However, a solid top-of-funnel strategy can be a game-changer.

Four talent acquisition agencies leading the way in hybrid outsourcing

The recruitment landscape has evolved significantly in the past decade. Online job boards, social tools and AI – technology has made it easier for companies to connect with and recruit talent at scale. But now there’s a new kid on the block – a hybrid agency model, fusing recruitment with talent acquisition.

How We Use AI Sourcing To Amplify Hiring

We’ve spent years building an AI sourcing platform designed to help you find the candidates you should be talking to, not the candidates with the loudest voice.

Four Reasons to Implement Multi-Channel Hiring Today

Hiring channels work together just like the members of a team. By working together, the team can achieve results and solve problems that the individuals couldn’t have if they worked alone.

The Secret Sauce On Sourcing Passive Candidates

TLDR: Being proactive in your hiring approach is the best way to consistently hire outstanding talent.

Brains Before Bots.

TLDR: Realistically software can’t fully automate the problem away. The real opportunity exists in a hybrid human and tech solution.

Why Can’t I Find A Senior Full Stack Developer? Part 2

TLDR: Tease out 2-3 skills that are imperative to the role and when qualifying candidates, don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

Why Can’t I Find A Senior Full Stack Developer?

TLDR: The term “full stack developer” didn’t exist in 2015 so how can senior full stack developers exist in 2019…?