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In Memoriam: X-Ray Search

TL;DR: X-Ray search no longer provides accurate results for LinkedIn profiles.
Here’s what that means for the talent community.

6 ways to improve your relationship with your Hiring Manager

We’ve come up with some activities to strengthen the bond between you and your hiring manager and gain a better understanding of one another.

The Aussie talent networking communities you should join

Whether you’re looking to learn new tricks or wanting to network with other talent professionals, there’s an Australian talent community for you.

4 ATS’ that you probably haven’t heard of but will love

In the market for a new Applicant Tracking System? We’ve rounded up some lesser-known brands that are definitely worth checking out!

10 Talent Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

The attract.ai team’s favorite talent podcasts: learn everything from maximising your LinkedIn to the latest talent trends.

5 Reasons To Source Candidates Using AI Recruitment Tools

Many companies are starting to incorporate AI Recruitment tools into their HR Tech Stack. Here’s why:

The hiring trends nobody is talking about

Traditionally, November happens to be the month when most companies are winding down their hiring efforts. But our data shows that this is opposite of what you should be doing.

4 Laws of LinkedIn Attraction

Would you believe us if we said the laws of attraction now apply to LinkedIn? Yep – welcome to the future – where your social profile has replaced the website as the new face of the company.

Internal hiring vs. External hiring

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to sourcing great talent.

But what we do know is that companies who have a good balance between internal and external hiring will benefit from an empowered, loyal and diverse team.

Culture add vs. Culture Fit

The term ‘culture fit’ is no longer what it once was. For decades, it was a widely accepted factor in many organisations’ hiring strategies. But in recent years, this phrase has been cancelled, with many progressive employers believing it to be discrimination in disguise.