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Friends of attract: Justin Falk from TalentVine

“Recruitment consultant has been a bit of a dirty word in the past; but 94% of all ratings on TalentVine are either a 8, 9 or 10. The reason I say that is the vast, vast amount of recruiters are doing a fantastic job, they’re really good operators and they care about the work they do.”

Friends of attract: Graeme Gemmell

Graeme Gemmel is the national manager at Recite.me, who make websites accessible to everyone. A key focus area is recruitment due to the lack of accessibility in career websites and job ads.

Andrea Kirby from Talent Table on inclusive hiring

“We need to design our processes for inclusivity. As talent functions we should be looking at doing some human-design thinking around the recruitment process.”

Friends of attract: Edan Haddock from Rubberband

Edan Haddock talks mental health, creativity, employer branding and more…

Friends of attract: Douglas Robertson from DR Analytics

Douglas Robertson began his career in the recruitment industry and, after developing his own technical skills, moved in Data Analytics. Now, he’s the founder of DR Analytics Recruitment, a recruitment agency specialising in data professionals.

Friends of attract: Nadine O’Regan from TQSolutions (Part 2)

And we’re back with Part 2! Our interview with Nadine continues, this time exploring talent mobility, MDS and employer branding – some of the key ingredients of the future of talent acquisition.

Friends of attract: Nadine O’Regan from TQSolutions (Part 1)

We sat down with Nadine O’Regan to explore how to build a holistic approach to talent with an ‘always-on’ talent mindset.

Friends of attract: Jess Gibson-Jones from Talent Sourcing Collective (Part 2)

We’re back with part 2! This time around we’re talking creative sourcing channels, new-school metrics and how to get your company on board with strategic sourcing.

Friends of attract: Jess Gibson-Jones from Talent Sourcing Collective (Part 1)

I sat down with Jess from the Talent Sourcing Collective (and also happens to be the Global Talent Sourcing Leader at Toll Group) and explored all things strategic sourcing and building talent communities.

Friends of attract: Warren Hills from EzyVet