Cold-Fusion Developer

“One of the big benefits of messaging candidates personally is that it builds networks and relationships. You just need to be prepared to put the effort in.” – CTO

In order to be the leading company in psychometric testing for the last twenty years in Australia, this company has had to attract the best and brightest talent to their team to help them build incredible products.

As they continued to grow, they needed to fill a cold-fusion developer role for their Brisbane based team, however, time management and budgetary restrictions lead them to seek out alternative solutions to traditional job boards and recruitment agencies. 

The Relationship

The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) had seen promise in recruitment automation. He believed that a software product could provide a cost and time effective solution to their problem and decided to hire through

Before beginning the campaign, he was invited to an hour-long strategic hiring success workshop to ensure he understood what the journey was going to be like and what hiring best practice looks like. Geared with this knowledge, began sending him candidates with the skills and qualifications required through the platform. Paired with the personalised outreach generated by, he was able to start building genuine relationships with those people. 

The Result

Over 3 weeks, he was sent 40 candidates and was able to build a strong pipeline. Out of those 40, he was able to hire a cold-fusion developer in 34 working days which is 10% faster than the industry average.

Interestingly the candidate they hired revealed that they had seen this role being advertised before and did not feel like she was adequate for the role. 

Research shows that in order to apply for a job women feel they need to meet 100% of the criteria while men usually apply after meeting only 60%"

“When I previously saw an ad for the job, I didn’t think to apply as I felt like I didn’t meet all of the criteria which is why it was really lovely getting a personal message from the CTO asking to chat about this position. It was good to talk through why they thought I’d be best suited to the role and why I was a good culture fit.” – Hired Candidate

By reaching out to only passive candidates, the CTO was able to target not only high-quality candidates but also have full control over building a diverse and inclusive pipeline. Combined with our insights page, the data provided by gave the CTO complete visibility into how balanced his campaign was in terms of gender equality. 

The wins didn’t stop there though. When their workload ramped up a couple of weeks after the initial hiring, the CTO decided there was room on the team for another cold-fusion developer and so he jumped back into the platform and re-engaged with a few of the other potential candidates and made an additional two hires. 

Since then, they have used to hire a Senior Java Developer and a CTO role. 

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