TQ Solutions x Nearmap x attract.ai

“By using attract.ai, we were able to talk directly to individuals who are not actively seeking new roles and had the opportunity to pitch our opportunities to them. It was an important channel for acquiring new talent.” Simon Cochrane

Nearmap had seen impressive growth over the last 12 months, which meant they had roles to fill asap. To help with their growth-demands Nearmap began a partnership with TQSolutions, who provided a talent expert to oversee the Nearmap hiring process.

Nearmap is an aerial technology company that provides frequently updated, high-resolution aerial imagery and location intelligence.



100 – 200

Snr Director of TA:
James Freer

Attract.ai Solutions:
Attract Assist

Goal: Assist TQ Solutions in meeting Nearmap’s immediate hiring goals and setting up long-term nurturing campaigns.

Pain Points:

  • Tough market for technical talent
  • Need to scale quickly


  • Reduced cost to hire
  • Integrated HM to process
  • Built out a strong talent pipeline

The Challenge

The tech talent market is always tough, but when TQSolutions first partnered with the Nearmap team the closure of international borders and domestic talent shortage made it harder than ever. 

Due to the next phase of our growth strategy, Nearmap had an immediate need to place a large number of tech talent. Attract.ai’s technology reduced a vast amount of administration in the candidate search process, and allowed the Talent Specialist to focus on the important aspects of the process of meeting and validating the talent identified through the process. The communication and reporting was second to none and I appreciated the way the team at attract.ai acted as an extension to the TA team. It was evident attract.ai was a game changer.

James Freer, Senior Director Talent Acquisition @ Nearmap

Further, the Nearmap team needed a long-term solution to their growth plans and required infrastructure to support long-term nurturing that would unlock fantastic hires that were quick, easy and cost-effective.

TQSolutions placed a TA expert on the Nearmap team to lead the immediate hiring strategy and implement a long-term solution through nurturing and brand awareness. Attract.ai was TQSolution’s answer to both of these goals.

With Attract Assist technology we sourced 200 candidates to fit within Nearmap’s criteria, provided pipeline infrastructure and tooling, as well as personalised outreach messages for candidates. Nearmap also leveraged the BYO feature to bring in over 100 of their candidate leads that they could engage with and nurture.

The attract.ai platform was an amazing experience, it helped us hire two engineers but more than that, we actually built a lot of market presence. People either know everything about Nearmap or know nothing at all – so we were able to build awareness in that middle group. The hyper-personalised messages became a branding exercise for us.

Neeraj Kumar, Talent Acquisition Specialist @ Nearmap ∙

The Nearmap Hiring Manager was brought in to execute a collaborative outreach strategy. Using attract.ai’s technology we were able to make it simple for the Hiring Manager to reach out to candidates with confidence. The collaborative outbound activity was highly beneficial as it provided the candidate with a second point of contact, boosting reply rates by 33%.

Being able to send a personalised message on Linkedin in just two clicks was amazing. When we usually take half an hour to send 20 outreach messages, the task was done in 10-15 minutes, which is super quick.

Neeraj Kumar, Talent Acquisition Specialist @ Nearmap ∙

With attract.ai Nearmap was able to not only immediately see time and money savings, but also build out talent pipelines of engaged talent for future hires. Once they had hired their 2 candidates they had acquired 26 vetted and engaged candidates for future opportunities.

Are we staying in touch with our future hiring pool? Absolutely yes. We had a lot of silver medalists – candidates that are really good but not at the right level yet, and we are staying in touch with them. It’s great to know that we have an active community to tap into in the future.

Neeraj Kumar, Talent Acquisition Specialist, Nearmap

With attract.ais outreach tooling the team at Nearmap was able to reduce their time spent on sending outreach messages by at least 50%. They also saw huge savings across the board, saving $44,000 with attract.ai, for an average cost per hire of $6,000 for senior engineering roles.

We also have a lot of candidates that expressed interest in the role but didn’t feel they were ready to make the switch yet. We will be reaching out to them again as soon as we start our next round of hiring.

Simon Cochrane, Director of Engineering @ Nearmap 

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