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4 ATS’ that you probably haven’t heard of but will love

In the market for a new Applicant Tracking System? We’ve rounded up some lesser-known brands that are definitely worth checking out!

Dij Thulasi on engaging talent

“What exactly is it that appeals to you…understanding their world, understanding their language makes a huge difference”

LLMs are NOT the future of recruiting

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been revolutionising industries worldwide, including recruitment. With Large Language Models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT gaining traction, it’s easy to forget that it’s just one small part of AI.

Responsible AI Statement

In a world moving towards automation we’re more adamant than ever that humans need to be involved in the hiring process.

Vanessa Raath on hunting the best talent

“I often say LinkedIn is responsible for dumbing down our whole industry. Because it’s too easy.”

How the EEOC’s New AI Guidelines Affect You

New guidelines have been issued by the EEOC (US) around using AI tools during the recruitment process. Here’s how they effect you.

Ben Mackie is your dream Hiring Manager

“I want to make it clear…Hiring Managers don’t have it all sorted out at the start too”

5 Tips for TA’s from Talent Table Brisbane

Whilst at Talent Table Brisbane we chatted with TAs from lots of different industries who are all facing different challenges. Here’s the most common tricks & tips that we discussed.

Friends of attract: Edan Haddock from Rubberband

Edan Haddock talks mental health, creativity, employer branding and more…

Stop overlooking candidates on maternity leave

It’s time to stop overlooking those who are on maternity leave. You’re missing out on a significant number of candidates who are ready to change their job.