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This is what employer branding is really about…

There’s been a lot of airtime given to ‘employer branding’ in recent years. Employer branding is the promise you make to your current and future employees about how they’ll feel at work.

How to manage up, when you’re feeling down

Internal hiring vs. External hiring

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to sourcing great talent.

But what we do know is that companies who have a good balance between internal and external hiring will benefit from an empowered, loyal and diverse team.

Don’t Stop Me Now, it’s Friday.

Loosen the shoulders.

Let’s free the toes, relax the brain and shake out the fingers.

Resilience… Unpacking the latest buzz word

Resilience (aka the ability to bounce back quickly during stressful or challenging times) has become a desirable trait for employees today. In fact, it’s a necessity for many modern workplaces characterised by organisational change, increased workloads, reduced resources and an obsession with productivity – #busy. In these environments, success depends on how well teams can cope and adapt to stressful situations.

Why hiring for ‘culture fit’ could be stalling your company growth

The term ‘culture fit’ is no longer what it once was. For decades, it was a widely accepted factor in many organisations’ hiring strategies. But in recent years, this phrase has been cancelled, with many progressive employers believing it to be discrimination in disguise.

How to create an epic candidate experience

Picture this scenario – you’ve created a strong multi-channel hiring strategy, mapped the key hires for the year ahead and gained stakeholder buy-in. But then you get busier and roles need to be filled, so you return to the old-faithfuls; job boards and agencies. Sound familiar? Well, let’s get you out of that reactive hiring loop.

Diversity by Design

Most organisations want to be more diverse and inclusive but how do you turn statements of support into meaningful results?

How we use AI to amplify hiring

Initially, as many do, we thought we could leverage artificial intelligence and all the data that comes with that, to put recruitment on autopilot.