A human’s guide to technical interviews

TLDR: Keep it simple and organic.

Nescafe and chill

TLDR: Buy the coffee and ask meaningful questions.

Use it or lose it: Three ways to spend your HR budget… Responsibly.

TLDR: Spend it wisely- not on a champagne gun…

5 ways to improve your Linkedin to attract talent

TLDR: If you want to attract top talent your personal social profiles need to be on point.

Networking 101

TLDR: Approach other single minglers, introduce yourself and feed them questions.

How to survive and succeed at a coding bootcamp

TLDR: It’s going to be really hard but just keep calm and keep coding.

5 Australian HR Tech companies that we love

TLDR: Revelian, Xref, Culture Amp, Mentorloop and HROnboard are all HR-tech legends in our humble opinion.

Why can’t I find a senior full stack developer? Part 2

TLDR: Tease out 2-3 skills that are imperative to the role and when qualifying candidates, don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

How to drive your hiring processes

TLDR: Fail to plan, plan to fail. Don’t use Excel, use our free hiring roadmap tool.

Candidate success – Why it’s important and 5 ways you can improve it

TLDR: Candidate success is extremely important because they are not only candidates but also potential customers.