AI Recruitment Tech in 2020

This is an interesting time to be considering AI recruitment tech.. part way through a global pandemic, Ozarks season 3, and my third glass of wine. But this is our new reality, so here we go!

6 Local Startups You Should Support Right Now

TLDR: Isolate but do not abandon. Support local.

Dealing With Candidate Rejection

TLDR: Set reminders and keep trying.

Why Human Connection Is Still Vital In Hiring

TLDR: People value a relationship that has been built over a period of time.

How To Write Candidate Outreach That Generates Replies

TLDR: Stop. Sending. Templated. And. Generic. Messages.

Encouraging Equality On The Executive Level With Jess Joyce From Fu

TLDR: Stay humble, work hard and give without expectations.

The Secret Sauce On Sourcing Passive Candidates

TLDR: Being proactive in your hiring approach is the best way to consistently hire outstanding talent.

How To Ensure You’re Never Left Understaffed Again

TLDR: Utilise an outbound recruitment approach with consistent, targeted outreach so you’re always connected to the market.

The Best Work Related Memes Of 2019

TLDR: A collection of our best work related memes. 2019 edition.

Love At First Flight: Traveling Through Startup Land With Travello

TLDR: Anyone can build a product but getting someone to actually use it, is an entirely different ball game.