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Preview text is your frenemy!

You have 34 characters to grab candidates’ attention. Here’s how to stand out from the crowd and maximise the start of your outreach.

Turn your layoff into a layup*

Ben Tanswell’s interview inspired us to write our own message template to help talent professionals find a new role in the current market.

Vincent Chi on catfishing recruiters (and grabbing candidate attention)

“within the first 24 hours of this [fake] profile being created, it had received 6 messages”

Friends of attract: Douglas Robertson from DR Analytics

Douglas Robertson began his career in the recruitment industry and, after developing his own technical skills, moved in Data Analytics. Now, he’s the founder of DR Analytics Recruitment, a recruitment agency specialising in data professionals.

Ben Tanswell vs Big Tech Layoffs

It’s similar to sourcing, the objective is to get someone on the phone…it’s an initial chat you’re trying to get

Platforms To Help You Create a Positive Candidate Experience

If you keep hearing how important it is to craft a great candidate experience, but aren’t sure how to, look no further. These HR Tech companies will help you to create a positive candidate experience.

Jessica Gibson-Jones on Authentically Engaging Candidates

“we’re expecting recruiters to know how to engage, we’re expecting them to be marketers, and that’s not fair”

2022’s Top Fastest Growing Tech Startups In Australia

As the year draws to a close, we’ve analysed our data from 2022 to find out which Australian tech startups have seen the fastest headcount growth this year. The results might surprise you!

Edan Haddock on Creativity in Outbound Recruitment

“it’s like you’re just constantly on this hamster wheel every single day, and then if you’re needing to do something creative….it’s really difficult”

5 Reasons To Source Candidates Using AI Recruitment Tools

Many companies are starting to incorporate AI Recruitment tools into their HR Tech Stack. Here’s why: