Decanting Startup Life With Good Pair Days

TLDR: When tech meets wine, incredible things happen.

How To Get A Pay Rise Without Even Trying

TLDR: Figure out what value you’ve brought to the organisation, back it up and go for it.

5 Ways To Create A Positive Onboarding Experience

TLDR: Onboard a candidate the way you would like to be onboarded.

New Hire, Who This?

TLDR: Be organised and move quickly.

Phone Calls: A Detailed Guide + Templates

TLDR: Just follow this template and you’ll be fine.

It’s the final countdown…

TLDR: See the people in your talent pool as people, not candidates.

Game of Phones

TLDR: Keep calm and listen.

How To Pitch Your Startup

TLDR: Be prepared, be yourself and sell the value.

How To Hire Like The Best Companies In The World

TLDR: It’s all about creating genuine and lasting relationships.

How We Bootstrapped Our Way To 20+ Paying Customers In 12 Months

TL:DR: Do less.